The stories told in buildings.

By: natalamc

Feb 14 2011

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We spent a night in New Orleans, LA. We did not have time to explore the city, to walk through the French Quarter or to listen to jazz in one of the many jazz clubs. We were only able to drive around for the amount of time it took to get dinner and then breakfast the next morning.

But, oh the stories told in the buildings of New Orleans. We drove through a part of town that was severely impacted by hurricane Katrina, all of these years that have gone by, and the sense of devastation is still overwhelming. The markings on houses indicating that people were at one time trapped in houses, that peoples homes were left, to never again return. To know that those homes, those businesses represented a person, a family, a lifetime.

As we were driving through I became painfully aware that the stories, the way we had been told about Katrina had not come close to what the reality was, and this, from driving through a city, through a small part of town.

A friend of ours recommended that we get the book “Zeitoun” which is a book that tells the true story of a man and his family and what they had to endure in Katrina and it’s aftermath. I will not spoil it for you, we are actually not completely finished with the book. I will say that if you remember Katrina, this is a book that you must read or listen to, the personal account of the storm has given me an entire new perspective on life, on strength and on the way we have been taught to see things.

We drove around the French Quarter in the morning, and even early on a Sunday it was lively, filled with people. Music poured out of cafe’s, even in the early morning hours. The streets are beautiful, the buildings have charm and character bursting through them. It is a city with so many stories, in every corner, and we will definitely want to return, for more than a few short hours.